Welcome to our website. Allow me to show
you my poodles. I'm hoping you will enjoy
seeing them as much as we enjoy having
them. As I was growing up my family had a
dog, and cat and a horse, and I knew that I
wanted animals to be part of my adult life.
I had assumed I would have a horse, but that
was not the way things turned out. I distinctly
remember the first time I saw a Standard
Poodle and it definitely was magical.
I thought they were the most beautiful dogs I
had ever seen and wanted from that moment
on to have one in my life. I realized after our
first Standard Poodle that we had been spoiled for any other breed.
After 11 years with Thunder, no other kind of dog would do. He had
bedazzled us with his calm, intelligent and loving nature and we
longed for a similar dog personality to bond with. Our second Poodle,
Robby, brought me in close touch with his breeder and that is when I
apprenticed, learning the details of a breeding program. I have been
involved in breeding Standard Poodles for nearly 10 years and
though no longer considered an apprentice, still find that each
breeding has an aura of excited enthusiasm with it.

Each of the breeding dogs I have is completely tested and all results
are available. But a Standard Poodle is more than "just" a healthy
dog; the Poodle Personality, that almost indescribable joyous,
intelligent spirit compounded with the unbelievable sense of humor
is necessary in each individual. Every breeding is undertaken to
pass on health, personality and structure. I strive to produce
Poodles who have people thinking, "Magic!" when they meet.
AJz Standard Poodles
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